Dilip Kumar

As an advisor to Hornbills, Mr Dilip Kumar brings a wealth of knowledge to the organisation. With more than 35 years of experience gained from 2 major US MNCs and several years with an Indonesian conglomerate, Dilip has vast experience in human capital leadership, and in leading Asia-Pacific business units for DuPont. Upon graduation from the then University of Singapore in 1978 with a business degree he joined Exxon in Singapore where he had finance and accounting management roles to go along with his human capital experience.

He has also had both significant human capital leadership experience in the start-up of major “green-field” capital-intensive manufacturing plants in Singapore and in leading or being part of due diligence teams in the acquisition of businesses and formation of joint-ventures.

He holds the view that line management experience helps make a more effective human capital leader and he is grateful to his past employers for having given him the opportunities that he has had over a long career. Currently he consults for an Indonesian conglomerate in the field of human capital management.