Our Story

The idea for Hornbills: Concepts and Communications came about over a lunch conversation. The communication specialist spoke of the lack of depth in research in the Public Relations industry, while the political analyst voiced the need for academics to break out of their Ivory towers and make  political concepts and theories relevant for social good.

After months of gestation, Hornbills: Concepts and Communications was born. The name Hornbills was aptly chosen for several reasons:-

Credibility (as locals)
The Hornbill is a bird indigenous to Southeast Asia, the primary region that Hornbills’ work focuses. Hornbills was created by Southeast Asians for building capacity in Southeast Asia.

The Hornbill also brings attention to nature and environment, as it is a  heritage species near extinction. Part of the work in Hornbills includes consultancy on environmental sustainability and how to communicate environmental policies.

Bird’s eye-view
Hornbills also fly above the forest canopies, which reflects the helicopter view that this start-up provides its clients regarding the Asian region.

The great Hornbill has a magnificent large golden crown and bill. The big head reflects brain power, the golden yellow color is a royal color throughout Southeast Asia to China. This reflects the quality consultancy that is provided by the company. Plus, Hornbills are loud and easily heard 😉

Hornbills fly in pairs lifelong. It reflects the committed partnership between the founders of  Hornbills.