Luenne Choa

Communications professional with applied experience in Public Diplomacy, Marketing and Public Relations.

Luenne Angela Choa – the Communications Professional – has the academic foundation and the applied experience in the areas of Public Diplomacy.

Luenne obtained her Masters in Contemporary Asian Analysis from the University of Melbourne and has worked in the corporate communications/ public affairs division at various Ministries in Singapore. She was also the press officer at a foreign mission based in Singapore. For her Master’s thesis, she worked on Language and Foreign Policy, analysing the texts of the Australian foreign policy white papers using discourse analysis. During her time as a press officer, she worked closely with the Ambassador to adapt, design and carry out the mission’s communication goals to the Singapore audiences. She also organized, participated and presented at various the Mission’s regional communication seminars.

Luenne’s expertise is in strategic communications, assisting policy makers and thought leaders in planning and operationalizing their communication strategies to achieve the desired results using various means and channels (mainstream media and social media). She is able to conceptualise (design, language and roll-out) communication campaigns locally and regionally successfully.