HB Consultancy

At Hornbills, we strive to enhance our clients’ public communication capacities by incorporating concepts and communication skills that are critical for understanding and engaging stakeholders in the 21st century.

Our consultancy services are guided by the following principles:

Understanding and empowering diversity.
Hornbills believes in understanding countries and institutions in terms of its people, values, cultures and norms.

Conceptualising pro-active and sustainable strategies.
Conventional forms of development continue to dominate much of the developing world. Yet, the socio-economic and environmental consequences of sticking to the status quo will be a massive challenge. The tendency to adopt ad-hoc crisis management solutions does not only lose credibility and effectiveness overtime, but ultimately loses the trust from communities and societies that it serves.

Communicating the nuances.
In an age where rapid-response content is king, nuances and details are in short supply. Hornbills fills this void with in-depth and comprehensive research and analysis, and bridges the divide between policy circles and  public relations specialists.

Communicating on and for Asia.
Despite the attention on emerging economies of Asia and the need for firms to understand Asia, there are very few Asian Public Affairs/ Public Relations service providers in the region as many are foreign-owned and foreign run entities. Without a firm grounding in Asia and understanding of nuanced regional and sub-regional perspectives, how can a service provider credibly represent the views in Asia? Hornbills fills this communication gap by providing an Asian-lens to the Public Relations/ Public Affairs consultancy industry.