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What does curbing a culture of convenient consumption mean for Muslim societies?

Reflecting on global efforts to lead more environmentally sustainable lifestyles, our co-founder, Sofiah Jamil, presents her two cents on what these developments mean for Muslim societies.

Are Muslim consumers making better (ethical and environmentally sustainable) choices? Are Muslim business owners willing to provide these better choices to their clientele? Are the businesses that we are generating in the Muslim community meeting social and environmental needs, or simply feeding vanity and greed? And how can we cultivate a circular economy and business ecosystem that promotes environmental behaviours and services to all levels of the Muslim community?

These are difficult questions, and implementing such practices may be harder. Yet, these are highly crucial in a time which cannot afford further environmental apathy and inaction. Environmental challenges have socio-political and economic consequences. The faster we get up to speed with incorporating environmental sustainability measures into our businesses and daily lives, the better we are in ridding the stigma of playing “catch up”.

To read the full article (written for the Association of Muslim Professionals, Singapore), click here.

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